Earlier this year agency Roorda asked us to pitch for a new sonic identity for health care insurer Menzis.
With a name literally hinting to ‘being human’ (human = mens in Dutch) the brand has a history of beautiful, often poetic campaigns.
Our winning pitch bid was a tune with a positive energy using only human-made sounds – ranging from body percussion to woodwinds and close miked piano strings to the cello. Guaranteed plastic-free: no electronic sound generation at all in this track.We developed the tune in a number of different arrangements, to match different moods in various types of content, allowing for variation within a consistent sound.
One of the first airings is this updated TV-spot – a gradual move towards the new identity, with the new music. Expect more content with the Menzis tune in the coming months.

Agency: Roorda Reclamebureau 
Creatives: Joeri Jansen, Joost van Nistelrooij, Dyon Ruiter, Tom van der Veldt 
Account: Willemijn Sterk en Hans Bauman 
RTV Producer: Marcel Ossendrijver 
Direction: Lisette Donkersloot (Caviar) 
D.O.P.: Nanko Goeting 
Edit: Govert Janse, Sanne van Hecke 
Grading: Erik van den Heuvel 
Music concept: Diederik & Ivo @ MOST
Composer: Ivo Witteveen