OPPO - Behind the O

To celebrate OPPO’s new visual identity and design philosophy, the global electronics brand collaborated with artist Lernert Engelberts. The name ‘OPPOlence’ was adapted by Lernert, from the word “opulence”, presenting the richness and diversity of OPPO. A 70-second video explores the change considering the logo, shape, color and new typeface. This film tells the story via an art installation featuring giant, real-life OPPO logos. Diederik worked on the music and sound design of this film, creating a new soundlogo for OPPO along the way, in which the elegance and symmetry of the brand name is translated into music. Final mix for the film was done at MOST Audio Post and the film was first presented in a large stadium-event in Shanghai as part of the launch of the new corporate identity.

Diederik was asked about the concept behind the sound identity: “The name OPPO consists of two different letters (O and P) and of four letters in total. I wanted to create something that matched the simplicity of this name. The pattern of the name OPPO is ABBA. Furthermore, the O and the P are next to each other in the alphabet so this structure was something I wanted to use in the sound logo too. I translated this to musical notes. The notes of the sound logo thus also had to be next to each other on the musical scale and according to the same ABBA pattern. I choose the note E and the D and with the ABBA pattern led to a melodie of EDDE. And here we have an easy to recognise four note sound logo for the brand.”

Director: Lernert Engelberts @ Studio Lernert & Sander
Music: Diederik Idenburg @ MOST
Sound design:Diederik & Stephan @ MOST
DOP: Julien Andreetti
Executive Producer: Maarten Le Roy + Ay Wei Wong
Producer: Charles Kinoo
Film Production Company: @Adult Adult + The Pandemic Story
Production Design: Pepijn Van Looy (Tanker)
Styling: Thomas Vermeer

Post Production: Glassworks Amsterdam
Creative Agency: forsman & bodenfors
Chief Creative Officer: Jon Ip
Creative Director: Sherry Shi