Royal Club - Choose!

With the creative team from Alfred, Ivo and Diederik worked on writing a soundtrack emphasizing the disastrous consequences of not-choosing.

First the music track accompanies our protagonist in his downward spiraling journey of indecisiveness – only to lift the spirit when he finally finds the courage to make a decision. We recorded lots of percussion and brass and a fair dose of guitar for both the Mancini-like middle section and the music at the end; Stephan worked his magic on the sound design and mix.


Agency: Alfred
Creatives: Jorn Kruijsen & Jeroen van de Sande
Agency producer: Rosa Staal
Production company: Hobby Film
Director: Magnus Renfors
DOP: Christian Haag
Executive producer: Tom Rickard
Producer: Ola Rutz
Editors: Martin Heijgelaar & Timo Vonk
Grading: George Balatoni
Postproduction: Ambassadors
Music: Ivo Witteveen & Diederik Idenburg – MOST___original soundtracks
Audio post: Stephan Bakker – MOST___audio post