Sony - Action Cam

Another Lernert & Sander gem, in collaboration with creative director Morihiro Harano of Mori Inc. and produced by Hornet in NYC and Stink Digital in London this film puts the eye-popping slow motion function of the Sony Action Cam to the test in a surprisingly fast race between the epitome of slow – turtles. The entire MOST team worked on the soundtrack for this worldwide Sony ad, but finding the right music for this thoroughly unorthodox film was no easy task. An orchestral waltz in the form of The Skater’s Walt by Waldteufel, re-arranged to exacly match the film, proved to be the perfect match.

Client: Sony
Concept & Direction: Lernert & Sander
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano @ Mori Inc.
Executive Producers: Hana Shimizu & Zack Kortright @ Hornet
Producer: Cathy Kwan @ Hornet
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Editor: Oscar Marmelstein (Ambassadors)
Music: Diederik Idenburg, Ivo Witteveen @ M-OST
Sound Design: Diederik Idenburg, Stephan Bakker @ M-OST

Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Hughes
Executive Producer: Erica Kung
Producer: Luciana Alamo