On Thursday, March 30, 2023 the BBC Earth Experience opened its doors. About a year before, MOST was commissioned by Tinker Imagineers to be part of the creative team for this project. Developed by Tinker with world-class players Moon Eye Productions, Live Nation (UK) and BBC studios, this top-notch immersive attraction offering visitors the chance to experience the extraordinary diversity of our planet. Visitors take a 360-degree audiovisual journey, featuring footage from the BBC series Seven Worlds, One Planet, including bespoke Sir David Attenborough narration. At MOST Audio Post, Stephan was almost singlehandedly responsible for transforming and enhancing the sound from the original documentaries to complement the new multi-screen visual approach. In close cooperation with SPAT sound specialist Danny Weijermans, the sound was then mixed into a full spatial mix with over 90 audio channels and speakers at the London location in a period of two weeks. If you have the chance – go see & hear this!

Development: Tinker Imagineers, Mooneye Productions, Live Nation (UK)
Experience & AV design: Tinker Imagineers
Music: Bleeding Fingers
Sound design: Stephan Bakker
SPAT design: Danny Weijermans
Voice-over: Sir David Attenborough
AV content: BBC studios (from the series Seven Worlds, One Planet)

photos © Tinker Imagineers