Good things come in threes: check out the seasoned professionals that provide varying palettes of sonic signatures.

Ivo Witteveen

Composer / music producer

Composer and music producer Ivo Witteveen’s track record is as impressive as it is diverse. On one hand, there is award-winning work for commercials that know how to pack a punch (e.g. Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas). On the other, there are evocative soundtracks for theme park attractions and virtual reality installations ( e.g. Corpus, Nestlé ‘Le Nest’). What ties it all together is Ivo’s solid conceptual approach.

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Matthijs Koster

sound designer / music producer

Sound designer and music producer Matthijs Koster is a polymath of boundless curiosity and creativity. He embarked on his journey by studying for a year at the Rietveld Academy before obtaining a BA in Composition & Music Production at the HKU.

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