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Matthijs Koster

sound designer / music producer
Sound designer and music producer Matthijs Koster is a polymath of boundless curiosity and creativity. He embarked on his journey by studying for a year at the Rietveld Academy before obtaining a BA in Composition & Music Production at the HKU. His experience burgeoned as he became one of the main driving forces at Lab³ (music and audio studio in Amsterdam) for 7.5 years. He worked as a sound designer and composer for brands such as KLM, Independer, PostNL, DPG, Van Gogh Museum, and Paleis op de Dam.

Thinking outside the box is Matthijs’ greatest talent, leading him to continuously explore innovative approaches to sound, including AI- and 3D audio-production.

Beyond working with clients, Matthijs also has a passion for creating his own music and performing live. Under the Nachtvocht moniker he melds quadraphonic beats with analog visuals. With his DJ collective Natte Sokken, he regularly gigs at Paradiso, Tivoli, and Patronaat.

In 2024 Matthijs has become MOST’s ‘chief audio post-production’; the main person behind the controls and the face of the studio.

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