Gele Loods - Naarden And The Waterlines

The Gele Loods in Naarden is a new museum in an old fortress city. The exhibition tells the story of the role of Naarden at the time of the New Dutch Waterline, which this year has received UNESCO World Heritage status. The New Dutch Water Line and the Defence Line of Amsterdam together formed an impenetrable barrier and protected the province of Holland, in particular Amsterdam, against outside attacks. It was a deterrent, but would it have actually worked?

In the interactive exhibition, you get to be the commander and protect your own flood basin; this requires considerable focus and planning, so how good are you at dealing with stress? The fully restored Gele Loods, or Yellow Warehouse or Shed, is now home to a new visitor centre where you can start your visit to the city of Naarden. In the cinema there, there is also new animated film that explains the fine details of how the Waterline functions.

Client: Gele Loods Naarden
Exhibition design & animation: Synergique
Music & sound design: Matthijs Koster
Studio: LabĀ³