Huis van Hilde - Life in layers

In 2021, Huis van Hilde created an ode to the Noord-Holland landscape. The exhibition depicted the history of the creation of the landscape in various layers, and placed humans in it. We go back in time to the very first humans who settled in what is now Noord-Holland 13,000 years ago.

How did people live and work in their environment through the ages, and what traces and stories of them still remain? The visitor walks through seven different eras and seven different layers of landscape to experience the history of Noord-Holland. You learn what the landscape looked like in the different periods and how humans lived in it.

In the middle of the exhibition is a spectacular model of the landscape on which you can play an interactive landscape game with our human figures in their various time periods.

Client: Huis van Hilde
Exhibition design: Synergique
Music & sounddesign: Matthijs Koster
Studio: LabĀ³