NIO - There is a place

We always like to be involved in the early stages of a project – but never before did we have the pleasure of being involved in not only the promotion, but the very development of a new product. Here’s how: Art and communication company SpecialGuest (NY) collaborated with NIO U.S., a next-generation, electric and autonomous car company. NIO tapped SpecialGuest as a key creative partner to support the design of its in-car digital experience for the U.S. market. SpecialGuest collaborated with NIO to help design and prototype NIO’s user interface, user experience and soundscape, resulting in a sophisticated user experience at the intersection of utility and visual art. The MOST team was invited to work on the sound design for the user interface as well as the music and sound for the video and South x Southwest experiential exhibit. Unveiled during this year’s SxSW festival, the collaboration is a part of a larger effort for NIO to produce vehicles for U.S. consumers in 2020.

Agency: Special Guest
Creative Director: Aaron Duffy
Executive producer: Cedric Gairard
Composer and performer: Jonathan Brown
Lyricist: Jonathan Emerling @ Special Guest
Music producer: Diederik Idenburg @ M-OST
Sound design: Diederik Idenburg & Stephan Bakker @ M-OST