Sterlatone is the songwriting project of writer-producer Ivo Witteveen and writer-singer Dylan Alling. On their latest release Nowhere To Point, Sterlatone venture beyond faux-nostalgia as they incorporate contemporary elements ranging from alt-pop to vaporwave. Propelled by the mid-’70s high production value sound nowadays known as yacht rock, the tracks are a natural progression from their earlier fusion of sixties and nineties Britpop work, yet maintain a similarly meticulous approach to soundcraft and recognizable timeless pop-sound.

Writer-producer Ivo Witteveen enlisted none other than legendary drummers Frank Tontoh (known for his work with George Michael and Amy Winehouse, amongst others), Dutch studio veteran Hans Eijkenaar and sought-after bass player Mark Haanstra to shape a groove-based sonic canvas, aided by returning musicians Bastiaan Mulder (guitar) and Jeroen de Rijk (percussion). Live recording of great players is key to the sound of this album, once more exemplified by Teus Nobel’s feature on flügelhorn on If Tomorrow Never Comes. Completed by co-writer Dylan Alling’s earnest vocals, the resulting music evokes laid-back mid-’70s radio while delivering 21st century punches.