The Royal Palace - Masters of Morality

The Royal Palace was built as a city hall for Amsterdam and at the time its various rooms were the workrooms of lord mayors, councillors and judges. Paintings created by master artists hung in those offices. These ‘chimney pieces’ were not mere decoration. Every story – from the Bible or from Greek or Roman antiquity – presents a wise lesson on how a public official should conduct himself. In the exhibition ‘Masters of Morality’ we bring these paintings and their moral lessons to life.

This is achieved by placing man-sized screens in an information display beside the originals. These beacons of light shine new light on the paintings – both literally as well as figuratively – to enhance them even further. Not only is the participant told what is there, but also why it’s hanging in this particular room, and the message it was intended to bring to people in the room. In the galleries between the rooms are interviews with experts with insight and experience who reflect on the questions posed by the four chimney pieces, based on their backgrounds.

Client: Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam
Exhibition design: Synergique
Animation: Tim de Groot
Production: Pepijn Borgwat 
Voice-over: Penny Jenkinson, Joe Roberts
Music: Matthijs Koster
Sound design: Matthijs Koster, Sam Walvisch
Studio: Lab³

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