Tirpitz Museum - 4D theatre experience

TIRPITZ, designed by acclaimed architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), transforms and expands an old Nazi bunker into a museum complex, seamlessly embedded in the Danish dune landscape. Its core exhibition was designed by Dutch design agency Tinker Imagineers and features 4 exhibition galleries based on the rhythm of the building and the surrounding nature. MOST created original music and sound design for this scenic journey through the space and time of West Jutland.

In one section, visitors sit down in a lifeboat to embark on a tempestuous journey. Ivo’s epic score for this 4D theatre experience guides them through the ages as they encounter Vikings and storm at sea. Stephan’s immersive multichannel sound design, personally fine-tuned on location, ranges from mammoths passing within a hair’s breadth to a sudden tsunami followed by an underwater scene. In addition to glowing reviews, the succes of the museum is also apparent in the 150,000 visitors in the first four months.

client: Tinker Imagineers for Varde Museerne, Blavand, Denmark
design, direction, production: Tinker Imagineers

lifeboat 4D experience director: Gijs Leijdekkers
decor, AV hardware: Kloosterboer Decor
computer graphics artists: Wolfraam.studio, lucidpixel
illustrations: Stijn Windig
music: Ivo Witteveen (MOST)
sound design & surround mix: Stephan Bakker (MOST)
mediaserver programming: Prosign