Triodos Bank - Reset the economy

In close cooperation with agency Dawn, we have been working on campaigns for Dutch sustainable bank Triodos since 2012. The films often tell stories about different, more human ways to look at the economy. In a new film, Triodos contemplates the sudden economic halt brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak – the grave repercussions, but also the opportunity it presents for reflection on what is most important. It then challenges us to look beyond the current crisis and shape the future we desire by making the right choices today. Diederik provided an atmospheric soundscape to support the stark opening message followed by a new arrangement for our Triodos music, offering a glimmer of hope.

Agency: Dawn
Creatives: David Snellenberg, Ward Graumans
Producer: Ynske Postma
Director: Bram Schouw @ Bonkers
Edit: Govert Janse
Sound design: Feik @ Sound Circus
Music: Diederik @ MOST