Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture SS 2016

For Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016, Viktor&Rolf further explores the notion of Wearable Art with a surreal merger of sculpture and clothing. This season, the collection explores the idea of the archetypical white polo shirt meeting cubism. Resulting in a collection consisting of a series of form studies where clothing and sculptural elements interact with an increasing degree of complexity. The designs blur the boundaries between garment and sculpture, and question the relationship between wearer and clothing, sometimes overtaking the body and obscuring the face of the wearer. The sculpture is humanized and the wearer, sculpted: thus composing the performance of sculptures.

Agency: Viktor&Rolf
Production: Bureau Betak
Music production: Diederik Idenburg @ M-OST
1. “Creep” – Diederik Idenburg’s piano interpretation
2. “Creep” – Scala & Kolacny Brothers
“Creep” – Midnight String Quartet (DI ‘s touch)